Entries for the Leacock Medal for Humour—2015—(in order of receipt)

  1. Foster, Jim  THE CROWNING OF MISS MARIPOSA: Waldon House
  2. McLay, Craig   VILLAGE BOOKS: self-published
  3. Craig, Jennifer  MARY LOU’S BREW: Friesen Books
  4. Pearce, Alan Dare  HITLER BURNS DETROIT: i-Universe
  5. Falk, Daniel  GETTING A HEAD: McSweeney’s
  6. Smith, Terrence  THE TICKET TO NOW: self-published
  7. Westbury, Chris F.   THE BRIDE STRIPPED BARE BY HER BACHELORS, EVEN: Counterpoint Press
  8. Grubisic, Brett  THIS LOCATION OF UNKNOWN POSSIBILITIES: Now or Never Publishing
  9. Rudin, Phyllis  EVIE, THE BABY AND THE WIFE: Inanna Publications
  10. Gildiner, Cathy  COMING ASHORE: ECW Press
  11. Di Felice, Ivanka  A ZANY SLICE OF ITALY: self-published
  12. Ruddock, Nicholas  HOW LOVETA GOT HER BABY: Breakwater Books
  13. Barnes, Sally  LAUGHED TILL THEY CRIED: Bouldarderie Island Press
  14. Ackerman, Marianne  HOLY FOOLS & 2 STORIES
  15. Philion, Paul  27 WINTERS AND COUNTING
  17. O’Malley, Bryan Lee  SECONDS
  18. Martin, Andrea  LADY PARTS
  19. Friedman, Elyse  THE ANSWER TO EVERYTHING
  20. McCulloch, Bruce  LET’S START A RIOT
  21. Adderson, Caroline  ELLEN IN PIECES
  23. Marks, Arlene  THE ACCIDENTAL GOD
  24. Walsh, Bryan  BANNED IN THE USA
  25. Stephanie Wahlstrom  THE ACCIDENTAL SOCIALITE: Swoon Romance / Piaktus Entice
  26. R.D. Power  2020 A DYSTOPIAN THRILLER: self-published
  27. R.D. Power  FOR POWER OR LOVE: self-published
  28. R,D. Power  TAYLOR=MADE OWENS: self-published
  29. Rick Ranson  BITTERSWEET SANDS: NeWest Press
  30. Alena Schram  THE OPINIONATED OLD COW, Cowdy House
  31. Eleanor Johnston  CHURCHLAND: self-published
  32. Elizabeth Renzetti  BASED ON A TRUE STORY, Anansi
  33. Barbara Bond  ON SOBER SECOND THOUGHT, Heartland
  34. David Muise  AWAKE AT A WAKE: self-published
  35. Bushkowsky, Aaron  CURTAINS FOR ROY: Cormorant Books
  36. Fallis, Terry  NO RELATION: Random House Canada
  37. Battershill, Claire  CIRCUS :Random House Canada
  38. Doyle, Alan  WHERE I BELONG: Doubleday Canada
  39. Peacock, Andrew  CREATURES OF THE ROCK: Doubleday Canada
  40. Lisinski, Stephen, POLINA: Friesen Press
  41. Sherk, Bill  THE BIG TOMATO: self-published
  42. Wringham, Robert  A LOOSE EGG: self-published
  43. Taylor, Patrick  THE WILY O’REILLY: Raincoast Book
  44. Maitland, Colette  RIEL STREET: Frontenac House
  45. King, Caroline Russell  PALLISER SUITE: Frontenac House
  46. Macdonald, Frank  TINKER & BLUE: Cape Breton University Press
  48. Scarsbrook, Richard  THE INFIFFERENCE LEAGUE: Dundurn
  49. Baker, Noreen  LOVELY TO LOOK AT: Trojan Horse Press
  50. Rolli  I AM CURRENTLY WORKING ON A NOVEL: Tightrope Books
  51. Margoshes, Dave  WISEMAN’S WAGER: Coteau Books
  52. Kertes, Joseph  THE AFTERLIFE OF STARS: Penguin Group
  53. Johnson, Plum  THEY LEFT US EVERYTHING: Penguin Group
  54. Henderson, Lee  THE ROAD NARROWS AS YOU GO: Penguin Group
  55. Gaston, Bill  JULIET WAS A SURPRISE: Penguin Group
  56. Weston, Paul  BLUES FOR ZOEY: Penguin Group
  57. Richards, Mike  100 THINGS EVERYONE IS WRONG ABOUT: Penguin Group
  58. Fiorentino, Jon Paul  I’M NOT SCARED OF YOU OR ANYTHING: Anvil Press
  59. Mountford, Charlie  A JOKER, A TOKER, A REAL ESTATE BROKER: self-published
  60. Norton, Jeff  MEMOIRS OF A NEUROTIC ZOMBIE: self-published
  61. Bixley, Brian  TEN NEW SNOWDROPS: self-published
  62. McKenna, Lynne  SOLO ACT: self-published
  63. Dumont, Dawn  ROSE’S RUN: thistledown press
  64. Morissette, Guillaume  NEW TAB: Vehicule Press
  65. Farrant, M.A.C.  THE WORLD AFLOAT: Talon Books
  66. Lavoie, Edgar  THE GARDENS OF GOSHEN III: Whiskey Jack Publishing
  67. Dennis, Darrell  PEACE PIPE DREAMS: Douglas and McIntyre
  68. Feschuk, Scott  THE FUTURE AND WHY WE SHOULD AVOID IT: Douglas and McIntyre
  69. Norman, Peter  EMBERTON: Douglas and McIntyre
  70. Lazarovic, Sarah  A BUNCH OF PRETTY THINGS I DID NOT BUY: Penguin Group
  71. Errett, Benjamin  ELEMENTS OF WIT: Penguin Group
  72. Harbridge, Paul  BEAVER POND: self-published
  73. Struthers, Andrew  AROUND THE WORLD ON MINIMUM WAGE: New Star Books

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