2010 shortlist

 Corked, a memoir by Kathryn Borel Jr., is a witty account of a father-daughter road trip through the wine regions of France. The book is quirky, bitter-sweet and touching.

 Glen Chilton’s The Curse of the Labrador Duck tells of tracking down the remains of a long-extinct bird in a host of museums world-wide; the humour found in such a quest is remarkable.

 Bill Conall’s book The Rock in the Water is described on its cover blurb as “sunshine sketches of a little island,” an appropriate tip of the hat to Professor Leacock.

 William Deverell is nominated for his book Snow Job. He was also a Leacock Medal finalist last year for his book Kill All the Judges.

 Will Ferguson’s Beyond Belfast takes us on an uproarious hiking trip around Northern Ireland as the author explores history and religious strife – in a very funny fashion.

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