Winners — 2011

2011 Top Ten Entries

First: “Art” by Danielle Shachar  Newtonbrook Secondary School, Toronto, Ontario

Second: “The Meetings of Life” by Tom Zapletal  Norwood District High School, Norwood, ON

Third: “Dog Days in the Kibble Crisis” by Duncan Field  White Oaks Secondary School, Oakville, ON

Remaining seven finalists in alphabetical order:

“That’s My Name”
by Miranda Carlson-Stain, St. Mary’s College, Sault Ste Marie, ON

“A Learned Man’s Insight on Excessivus Cinematus”
by Sam Codrington, St. Michael’s Choir School, Toronto, ON

“Miracle Invention”
by Carly Hughes, Hammarskjold High School, Thunder Bay, ON

“Lander and Rusty Have a Picnic”
by Symon Jory Stevens-Guille, John F. Ross CVI, Guelph, ON

“Saving Princess Peach”
by Adam McGovarin, Twin Lakes Secondary School, Orillia, ON

“The Notorious Ernest Finke”
by Nicole Panning, White Oaks Secondary School, Brampton, ON

“Three Wishes”
by Shawna Poechman, Sacred Heart School, Walkerton, ON

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