Membership Information

As a non-profit charitable organization that is run by volunteers, our members are very important to us.  Stephen Leacock Associates has been awarding the Leacock Medal for Humour since 1947, and this has been achieved through the dedicated efforts of many members who have volunteered their time over the years.  In order to keep the award going over the next years, we are looking for new members who are interested in promoting Canadian literature (particularly humorous works), and who can help with some of the tasks that this entails.

Running an organization like this requires skills in many areas:

The Board of Directors is elected by our members, and is composed of members who exhibit skills in the areas noted above.  They meet on a monthly basis to plan and track progress on all our initiatives.

We maintain a number of standing committees with responsibility for ensuring that progress is accomplished in all the important areas.  Standing committees are composed of members but may also include non-members in an advisory capacity.

Apart from participation in the more formal positions, we encourage members to become involved in short-term projects, or to simply help out on a temporary basis when needed.

Membership in Stephen Leacock Associates offers a number of benefits:

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