Accepted Book Submissions

Award Year:

AuthorBook TitleAuthor PhotoBook CoverAuthor Bio
1.Jalaluddin, UzmaHana Khan Carries On
HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.
2.Brown, CharleneThe 'Starting Out' Years
Self Published
3.Colvin, AlexThe Intellectual Barbarian
Self Published
4.Gray, Dr. RossGallivanting through DOOM
Self Published
5.Rahil, PreetinderThe Slippery Truth : A Novel
Self Published
6.Buckworth, KathyMotherBlogger: A Novel
Self Published
7.Wilson, KRCall Me Stan
Guernica Editions
8.Skulski, Jennifer LynnTutti Frutti
Self Published
9.Staadecker, PeterNaarlen: A Novel of Chaos and Frustrated Lust
Self Published
10.Boyagoda, RandyDante's Indiana
11.Flanagan, SusanSupermarket Baby
Flanker Press Limited
12.Peach, DerekThe Peach Pit: My Side of the Story
Self Published
13.Bushkowsky, AaronWater Proof
Cormorant Books
14.Scarsbrook, RichardThe Troupers
Cormorant Books
15.Rys, John VanMoonshine Promises
Wipf and Stock
16.Cooper, ThomasThe Snow Blower Man Cometh
17.Parsons, JennyHiggsfield Follies
Jest Arts Press
18.Gordon, JamesThe Ark Of The Oven Mitt
Pipe Street Publishing
19.Lundy, SusanHome on the Strange: Chronicles of Motherhood, Mayhem, and Matters of the Heart
Heritage House Publishing
20.Hoff, C.P.Canterberry Tales
Black Crow Books
21.Dumont, DawnThe Prairie Chicken Dance Tour
Freehand Books
22.Wood, AlexFloat like a Butterfly, Drink Mint Tea: How I Beat the S**t Out of All My Addictions
Robin's Egg Books (an imprint of Arsenal Pulp Press)
23.Strigberger, MarcelBoomers, Zoomers, and Other Oomers: A Boomer-biased Irreverent Perspective on Aging
Self Published
24.Taylor, DonBurbee, Jo and Making Memories
Self published
25.Diorio, JimTemporary Libraries: A Self Interview For Reasons That Will Become Painfully Clear
Self Published
26.Nayman, IraBad Actors: The Multiverse Refugees Trilogy: Second Pi in the Face
Elsewhen Press
27.Myers, ChristinaThe List of Last Chances
Caitlin Press
29.Blanc, Jean LeThe Great Beetle Caper
Self Published
30.Austin, EmilyEveryone in This Room Will Someday Be Dead
Atria Books
31.Svec, Henry AdamLife Is Like Canadian Football and Other Authentic Folk Songs
Invisible Publishing
32.Kennaley, TimKerəktərs
33.Lee, MurrayCompass
34.Parasram, JiveshTake d Milk, Nah?
Playwrights Canada Press
35.Foster, NormHalfway There
Playwrights Canada Press
36.Nguyen, NamA Perfect Bowl of Pho
Playwrights Canada Press
37.Grant, MichaelBare Bear Bones
Playwrights Canada Press
38.Thompson, DavidThe Home Run Gold Nugget
Self Published
39.Fischtner, TeresaTales of a Mermaid Gone Over The Deep End
Self Published
40.Fries, MatthewThe Sick Box
Czykmate Productions
41.Scoles, JamesThe Trailer
Signature Editions

Entries are shown in the order in which they are received and accepted.

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