Accepted Book Submissions

Award Year:

AuthorBook TitleAuthor PhotoAuthor BioBook CoverSynopsis / Blurb
1.Bissonette, BarbNobody's Dog
Solstice Publishing
2.Grabham, CJPalace Green
Austin Macauley Publishers LTD
3.Prashaw, RickFather Rick Roamin' Catholic
Friesen Press
4.Juby, SusanMindful of Murder
HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.
5.Myers, B.R.A Dreadful Splendour
HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.
6.McKinney, AndrewHow I Lost My Hair Raising Teenage Girls and the lessons I learned
AM Press Ltd.
7.French, BobbiThe Good Women of Safe Harbour
HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.
8.Featherston, Martin JNothing Sacred - A divine comedy
Troubador Publishing Ltd.
9.Carley, RodGrin Reaping
Latitude 46 Publishing
10.Willcock, KathrynUp the Coast
NeWest Press
11.vanHoogmoed, JoA Beginner's Guide to Separation Anxiety
Self Published
12.Wallace, KristaGriffin and the Spurious Correlations
Self Published
13.Graham, RandalNether Regions
ECW Press
14.Cameron, ChristopherThorneside Stories: A Mix of Sun and Cloud
Iguana Books
15.King, ThomasDeep House: A DreadfulWater Mystery
HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.
16.Palmer, Dorothy EllenKerfuffle
17.Tolson, AndyNoisemaker
Moose House Publications
18.McCluskey, ElaineRafael Has Pretty Eyes
Goose Lane Editions
19.Herring, NicholasSome Hellish
Goose Lane Editions
20.Mullinger, JamesBrit Happens: Or Living the Canadian Dream
Goose Lane Editions
21.Peach, DerekFootloose & Shouldless
Self Published
22.Colvin, AlexUnquestionably Monstrous
Self Published
23.Shelstad, SamCitizens of Light
TouchWood Editions
24.Cesare, Michaela DiSuccessions
Playwrights Canada Press
25.Koncan, FrancesWomen of the Fur Trade
Playwrights Canada Press
26.Kirsch, AndrewI Was Never Here
Page Two
27.Willis, Bruce LBlood is Blue: Stories of Growing Up in the Fifties and Sixties: A Recollection of Those Years
28.Dewhurst, RickHalo Dolly
Self Published
29.McLaren, PatrickThe Unlikely Adventures of a Geologist: Magic Travels
Self Published
30.McNairn, ColinWhat If Jack Wasn't So Nimble? Mother Goose Characters Reimagined
Self-published using the services of FriesenPress
31.Bell, KirstenSilent but Deadly: The Underlying Cultural Patterns of Everyday Behaviour
Caw Press
32.Flahive, GerryI Own This Town: The Mayor Bert Xanadu Xanthology
Modern Story
33.Knox, JackFortune Knox Once: More Musings from the Edge
Heritage House
34.Fedoruk, MargotCooking Tips for Desperate Fishwives: An Island Memoir
Heritage House
35.Clarke, KevinA Towering Trumpeter
Self Published
36.Fallis, Jay (JJM)Ireland Awakening: A Post COVID-19 Travel Story
Tellwell Talent (Self-Published)

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It takes some time for your books to appear on this list of entries because we accumulate batches of books to send to our judges.  After they have been dispatched, we then update the list of entries on the web site.  

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