Accepted Book Submissions

Award Year:

AuthorBook TitleAuthor PhotoAuthor BioBook CoverSynopsis / Blurb
1.Bissonette, BarbNobody's Dog
Solstice Publishing
2.Grabham, CJPalace Green
Austin Macauley Publishers LTD

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To Authors and Publishers:

If the tracking information from your delivery service (Canada Post, US Mail, Purolator, FedEx, UPS etc.) indicates that your package has been delivered, then you can pretty well be certain that it has.  If you sent it before the submission deadline but it does not arrive in time, we will still accept it as it will be postmarked before the deadline.

It takes some time for your books to appear on this list of entries because we accumulate batches of books to send to our judges.  After they have been dispatched, we then update the list of entries on the web site.  

Do not be alarmed if it takes a couple of weeks or more to appear on the list!

Also, by entering the details of your book submission online we will be aware that your package is expected, and will follow up if we do not receive it.