Accepted Book Submissions

Award Year:

AuthorBook TitleAuthor PhotoAuthor BioBook CoverSynopsis / Blurb
1.Bryan, AliCoq
Freehand Books
2.Grisenthwaite, G.A.Tales for Late Night Bonfires
Freehand Books
3.Kane, SeanRaccoon: A Wondertale
Guernica Editions (MiroLand)
4.Ferguson, Ian and Ferguson, WillI Only Read Murder
HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.
5.Ping, WilliamHollow Bamboo
HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.
6.Heisey, MonicaReally Good, Actually
HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.
7.Jalaluddin, UzmaMuch Ado About Nada
HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.
8.Vincent, RonLife at the Precipice
9.Marino, NickEast Side Story: Growing Up at the PNE
Arsenal Pulp Press
10.Bryan, AliThe Crow Valley Karaoke Championships
Raincoast Books / Macmillan
11.Basmajian, SallySo Hard to Do
Creative James Media
12.Tallon, JamesFather John: Tales of the Unordained
Burnstown Publishing House
13.Hennigar, Hunter R.Space Junk: Freight the Power
Self Published
14.Murray, RossSmileyville
Too Many Cats
15.Tindal, DouglasTales from Wine on the Porch
Wine on the Porch Press (Self Published)
16.deWitt, PatrickThe Librarianist
House of Anansi Press
17.Michael Riis-Christianson, aka Mike TurkkiI Heard the Turkki Call My Name
18.Evans, Alexander LewisA Whale Watcher's Guide to the Apocalypse
Deux Voiliers Publishing
19.Logan, C.A.The Irish Within Us
20.Counios, AngieMy List, My Rules: The Year a Checklist Changed My Life
Your Nickel's Worth Publishing
21.Shelstad, SamThe Cobra and the Key
TouchWood Editions
22.Sampler, PatrikNaked Defiance
New Star Books
23.Reidel, MarionOther People's Problems
One Thousand Trees
24.Richards, JassCottageEscape.zyx: Satan Takes Over
25.Kaladeen, Stephen and Kaladeen, JeanKiss Me Better
Amazon Pro Hub
26.Crowley, KevinSir Middling U
27.Paterson, Pamela and Hussein, TarekTake Me Back to Cairo
Writer Types Inc.
28.Glick, Sheri SegalThe Skinny: My messy, hopeful fight for full recovery from anorexia.

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It takes some time for your books to appear on this list of entries because we accumulate batches of books to send to our judges.  After they have been dispatched, we then update the list of entries on the web site.  

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