Our Fundraising Campaign

Leacock Campaign ButtonAs indicated on our home page, from August 17, 2020 we will be running a crowd-funding campaign on the FundRazr platform.  The aim is to raise $25,000 to shore up our finances in the short term while we pursue sponsorship and grant opportunities to provide longer-term financing.

To donate to this campaign you may go to fundrazr.com/Leacock_Medal.  

Some people may prefer to make regular ongoing donations to support the Medal, or to make donations to our endowment fund to help improve the Medal award's longtime financial health.  If this is your preference, please continue to our usual donation page at leacock.ca/donation.php.

If you wish to make a donation by cheque, you should make it payable to Stephen Leacock Associates, indicate on the cheque whether you want the money to go towards the General Operating Fund or the Endowment Fund, and mail it to:

Stephen Leacock Associates
PO Box 854
Orillia ON
L3V 6K8

Where the campaign donations come from:

General Operating Funds

These funds are needed to cover the expenses associated with administering the medal award process.  They include:

Stephen Leacock Associates Endowment Fund

In an effort to continue the award for many years to come, the board of the Associates is planning on expanding and diversifying its sponsorship sources to provide improved continuity over the years.  To this end it has initiated an endowment fund with the Community Foundation of Orillia and Area (CFOA) with the aim of making the award self-sustaining in the long term. The endowment fund will generate annual income that will bolster our general operating funds. 
We encourage those people interested in supporting the Leacock Medal to consider monthly donations and/or bequests to help us in achieving our aims.