Judging information

The integrity of our judging — how it works

Five judges from across Canada are appointed by the Leacock Board of Directors for a term of approximately three years. The members of the jury remain anonymous throughout their tenure; as well, they have no contact whatsoever with one another.

There is a reading committee located in Orillia comprised of approximately twelve members who remain on the committee for varying lengths of time.

Each entry is read by the judges and the members of the reading committee, then given a score from one to ten points. Each judge submits his or her top ten books, with the first choice receiving a score of ten, the second nine and so forth. The reading committee follows the same scoring system, and those results are averaged to give the committee the equivalent of one vote.

Therefore, each judge has one vote, as does the reading committee in whole, for a total of six votes. The book with the highest number of votes is declared the winner; the shortlist consists of the two books with the next highest scores.

It is important to note that each judge acts independently in order to ensure fairness.

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