Past directors


Nathan Taylor, President

Michael Hill, Past President

Bette Walker
Leanore Wiancko
Jim Harris
Marilyn Rumball
George Vanderburgh
Tom Beasley
Leona Beasley
Karleen Bradford
Christine Spear
David Mallinson
Lynn Lehman
John Hughes
Jennifer Littlefair
Ann Parker


This board was in effect up to January 2016:

Michael Hill

Past President
Dick Johnston

Vice President
Nathan Taylor

Corresponding Secretary
Marilyn Rumball

Recording Secretary
Bette Walker

Adde Walker

Leona Beasley * Awards Dinner
Jim Harris * Archives
Joanne Haskins * Website/social media, Publicity/marketing
Christine Spear * Student award
George Vanderburgh * Newspacket
Bette Walker * Luncheon, Awards Committee, Sponsorship
Leanore Wianko * Membership

Judith Rapson
Donnajean Jefferies
Marilyn Rumball
Tom Beasley
Karleen Bradford
David Mallinson

Each director is involved directly with one or more of the committees that govern our operations.

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