The board of the Stephen Leacock Associates works to preserve the literary legacy of Stephen Leacock, oversee the Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal for Humour award and encourage the growth of Canadian humour writing.

The prestigious Memorial Medal, accompanied by a $15,000 prize supported by TD Bank Financial Group, is awarded annually for the best in Canadian literary humour. The award has attained an international reputation and is the only one of its kind for Canadian humour writing.

The board also administers an annual Student Award for humour writing to encourage young writers and produces The Newspacket, a quarterly newsletter informing members around the world of the organization’s activities.


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  1. May I suggest you consider limiting submissions for the Leacock Medal for Humour to books that are readily available! This year you’ve nominated The Loose Egg, a self-published book by a non-Canadian author. It is not available to Canadian bookstores. I sure hope it doesn’t win.

    • Mr. Wringham’s book is available here: http://www.blurb.ca/b/5681335-a-loose-egg

      We have had entries from several self-published authors whose books, if they were to win, would not be widely available at bookstores, or available on a limited basis. Most sell through Amazon or their own websites in that case. We would provide that information, and they are always available at our luncheon announcing the winner and at our annual gala celebrating the winner.

      Remember Terry Fallis, whose self-published book The Best Laid Plans won the 2008 medal.

      See rule 4. Landed immigrants are eligible. Mr. Wringham is a landed immigrant. https://leacock.ca/how-it-works/how-to-enter/

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