The 2017 Leacock Medal for Humour and $15,000 prize

supported by the TD Financial Group
— ENTRIES (in order of receipt)
Entries now closed
  1. John Syrtash   A Calendar of Northern Fables – Carrick Publishing
  2. Marya Kalen   Elvis in Wonderland – Wings ePress Inc.
  3. Willie Handler   The Road Ahead – Self-published
  4. Arnold Mathers   HomeMade & Hand-Me-Downs – Livingstone Press
  5. Bruno Huber   Folly Bistro – Self-published
  6. Michael E. Rose   Interpol Confidential – SilverWood Books
  7. Catherine Dook   Darling Call the Coast Guard, That Boat is Listing! – Mottle Cove Publishing
  8. Jass Richards   TurboJetslams: Proof#29 of the Non-Existence of God – Magenta
  9. Randy J. Paterson   How to be Miserable: 40 Strategies You Already Use – New Harbinger Publications
  10. John F. Fielding   Paris Daze Adventures and Misadventures Growing up in the Prettiest Town in Canada – Barrett Place Publishing
  11. Lauralyn Chow   Paper Teeth – NeWest Press
  12. A. B. Funkhauser   Scooter Nation – Solstice Publishing
  13. Nancy Gardiner   Hairy Leg News – CreateSpace
  14. Arnold Logan   Springtime in Lawrence Park – Fire and Ash Publishers
  15. Elaine McCluskey   The Most Heartless Town in Canada – Anvil Press
  16. Bill Engleson   Confessions of an Inadvertently Gentrifying Soul – Silver Bow Publishing
  17. Ryan North   Romeo and/or Juliet – Penguin Random House
  18. Keith Halliday   The Tar Sands Diplomat: A Novel of the Canadian Foreign Service – Self-published
  19. Joy Huebert   My Brother’s Basement – Katrin Horowitz
  20. Keith Chater   Tonight, It’s My Turn – Xlibris
  21. Clare McCarthy   Tales from Porcupine Junction – Self-published
  22. George Bowering, Charles Demers   The Dad Dialogues – Arsenal Pulp Press
  23. Steve Patterson   The Book of Letters I Didn’t Know Where to Send – Goose Lane Editions
  24. Jared Young   Into the Current – Goose Lane Editions
  25. Garnet Rogers   “Night Drive”: Travels with my Brother – Tickle Shore Publishing
  26. Gary Barwin   Yiddish for Pirates – Penguin Random House Canada
  27. Jack Knox   Hard Knox: Musings from the Edge of Canada – Heritage House Publishing
  28. Jake Caldera   The Elephant on Fire – Self-published
  29. Ross Murray   A Hole in the Ground – Self-published
  30. Bill Turpin   Max’s Folly – Guernica Editions
  31. C. P. Hoff   A Town Called Forget – Five Rivers Publishing
  32. Judy Batalion   White Walls – Penguin Random House Canada
  33. Scott Gardiner   Fire in the Firefly – Dundurn Press
  34. Gwynneth Mary Lovas   The Retirement Diaries – Self-published
  35. Diane Schoemperlen   This Is Not My Life – HarperCollins Publishers
  36. Christopher Meades   For the Love of Mary – ECW Press
  37. Ron Charach   cabana the big – Tightrope Books
  38. John Armstrong   A Series of Dogs – New Star Books
  39. Mona Awad   13 Ways of Looking at a Fat Girl – Penguin Canada
  40. David Belisle   I Was Justin’s Nanny – Self-published
  41. Kyp Harness   Wigford Rememberies – Nightwood Editions
  42. R. D. Power   Fed Up – Self-published
  43. Charles Mountford   Edna Loves Stumpy – smallstuff press
  44. Chris Gilmore   Nobodies – Now Or never Publishing
  45. Drew Hayden Taylor   Take Us To Your Chief: And Other Stories – Douglas & McIntyre
  46. James Foley   Retirement Noir: A Tale of Prune Juice and Murder – Self-published
  47. Walter G. Kruse   Desert mailbag: Letters from South America – Icehouse Books
  48. Rosalie Lawrence   Scent from Above: The Mystical Memoirs of Patti Post – CreateSpace
  49. Edward Riche   Today I Learned It Was You – House of Anansi
  50. Michael Hart Izen   Finger Up The Bum: A Guide to my Prostate Cancer – Leola Productions
  51. Jill Sexsmith   Somewhere a Long and Happy Life Awaits You – Arbeiter Ring Publishing
  52. Joy Norstrom   Out of Play – Crooket Cat
  53. Jim Miller   Greatcoats On! Greatcoats Off! – Toy Soldier Press
  54. Ken Samanski   Vlad Moranski: A Piece of Work – Willowbrook Press (Createspace)
  55. Thomas Thomas   The Legend of Zippy Chippy – McClelland & Stewart
  56. Amy Jones   We’re All in This Together – McClelland & Stewart
  57. Mike Myers   Canada – Doubleday Canada
  58. Noah Richler   The Candidate: Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail – Doubleday Canada
  59. Lesley Crewe   Mary, Mary – Nimbus Publishing
  60. Michael Conway   Home Plate Blue Helmet – Acorn Press
  61. Dale McIsaac   The Porridge Is Up – Acorn Press
  62. Don Bassingthwaite   Cocktails at Seven, Apocalypse at Eight ChiZine Publications
  63. Tricia McDaid  All The Aunties – Self-published
  64. Michael Paul Michaud   THE INTROVERT – Black Opal Books
  65. Marni Jackson   Don’t I Know You – Flatiron Books
  66. Tony Van Straubenzee   Rind in the Marmalade – Words Indeed Publishing
  67. Dennis King   The Day They Shot Reveen: Stories from a PEI Small Town – Self-published
  68. Joe Remesz   Edmonton – Createspace