2016 Entries

2016 Leacock Medal for Humour and TD Financial Group $15,000 prize

— ENTRIES (in order of receipt) —

How to enter

1.    Hill, Edward  SUPER SOLICITOR: Self-published

2.    Hill, Caitlin  A THEORY OF EXPANDED LOVE: Light Messages Publishing

3.    Kaladeen, Stephen MD  THE SECRET LIFE OF DOCTORS: CreateSpace Publishing

4.    Quist, Jennifer  SISTERING: Linda Leith Publishing

5.    Naves, Elaine Kalman  THE BOOK OF FAITH: Linda Leith Publishing

6.    Cox, J. David  OUR LIFE OFF THE GRID: OTG Publishing

7.    Mountford, Charlie  painterly: Smallstuff Press

8.    Dook, Catherine  DARLING CALL THE COAST GUARD: Mottle Cove Publishing

9.    Baum, Jonathan  MY IMPAIRED MORAL COMPASS: Whiskey Jack Publishing

10.  Beaton, Kate  STEP ASIDE POPS: Drawn & Quarterly

11.  DeWitt, Patrick  UNDER MAJOR DOMO MINOR: Anansi Press

12.  Richardson, Bill  THE FIRST LITTLE BASTARD TO CALL ME GRAMPS: Anansi Press

13.  McKinnon, Neil  THE GREATEST LOVER OF LAST TUESDAY: Thistledown Press

14.  Fawcett, Katherine  THE LITTLE WASHER OF SORROWS: Thistledown Press

15.  LeBlanc, Jean  101 THINGS TO DO ON THE FRENCH SHORE OF NOVA SCOTIA: Self-published

16.  Bourdon, Brian  LE MISERABLE: Self-published

17.  Dewhurst, Rick  THE DREGS OF AQUARIUS: Quotidian Books

18.  Fallis, Terry  POLES APART: McClelland and Stewart

19.  Onrait, Jay  NUMBER TWO: Harper Collins

20.  Mian, Sarah  WHEN THE SAINTS: Harper Collins

21.  Warren, Dianne  LIBERTY STREET: Harper Collins

22.  McLaren, Leah  A BETTER MAN: Harper Collins

23.  Juby, Susan  THE REPUBLIC OF DIRT: Harper Collins

24.  Thompson, Ron  A PERSON OF LETTERS: Martin Scribler Media

25.  Keenleyside, T. A.  N A SPIN: Borealis Press Inc

26.  Young, Mark Victor  THE LAUNCH: Self-published

27.  Treliving, James  THE AVALON JOURNAL: Self-published

28.  Power, R. D.  SELF-SABOTAGE: Self-published

29.  Mulholland, Aefa  THE SCOTTISH AMBASSADOR: Ponies & Horses Books

30.  Jackson, Rose Ann  JUST A SMALL WEDDING: Self-published

31.  Adams, Dorothy Blyth  TALES OF THREE WAGS: Self-published

32.  Boland, Viga  THE LADIES OF LORETTO: Self-published

33.  Noyes, Steve  NOVEMBER’S RADIO: Oolichan Books

34.  Deverell, William  SING A WORRIED SONG: ECW Press

35.  Ferguson, Will  ROAD TRIP RWANDA: Penguin Random House

36.  Duthie, James  THE GUY ON THE LEFT: Penguin Random House

37.  McLean, Stuart  VINYL CAFE TURNS THE PAGE: Penguin Random House

38.  Rowles, Jack  RETRIBUTION ON ICE: Author House

39.  Enfield, Tyler  MADDER CARMINE: Great Plains Publications

40.  Hamilton, Seymour  THE HIPPIES WHO MEANT IT: Self-published

41.  Lawson, Jason  FRACK OFF: Deux Voiliers Publishing

42.  Drake, Aaron Cully  DO YOU THINK THIS IS STRANGE: Brindle & Glass

43.  Holdsworth, David  TOUGH ON CRIME—THE NOVEL: Friesen Press

44.  Connelly, Brent  I MIND THE TIME BEFORE I WAS BORN: Self-published

45.  Deys, Holly  HENRIETTA GEE: Green Planet Designs Inc

46.  Deys, Holly  HENRIETTA GEE AND THE DANCING CAT: Green Planet Designs Inc

47.  Nixon, R.C.A.  THE DOG EATER’S LAMENT: Skep Media

48.  Goossens, J.D.  TO LAIN ROADS: Boularderie Island Press

49.  Hopson, Brett  JERICHO BEACH: Self-published

50.  Simpson, Andrew J.  HEAVEN’S GONE TO HELL: BareBack Press

51.  Yazdanian, Showey  LOOPHOLES: Quattro Books

52.  Caddell, Andrew & Stubbs, Dave  THE GOAL: Deux Voiliers Publishing

53.  Kiely, Pauline  DIVORCE IS DIRTY & HELL IS HOT: A Passionate Pen

54.  Morrow, Diane Hicks  FIXING UP THE FARMHOUSE: Acorn Press

55.  Wahlstrom, Stephanie  THE ACCIDENTAL NEW YORKER: Swoon Romance

56.  Graham, John W  WHOSE MAN IN HAVANA?: Univ. Of Calgary Press

57.  Dyer, kc  FINDING FRASER: Lions Mountain Literary

58.  Black, Arthur  PAINT THE TOWN BLACK: Harbour Publishing

59.  Hackett, Rhonda  THE BEST KIND: DRC Publishing

60.  Gordon, Daphne  WALKING WITH WALSER: Wordsmithy

61.  Denley, Randall  THE SITUATION: Opinicon Press


AWFUL THINGS: Douglas & McIntyre

63.  Schroeder, Adam Lewis  ALL DAY BREAKFAST: Douglas & McIntyre