How to enter — 2016 award


The Leacock Associates awards the Leacock Medal for the best book of humour written by a Canadian and published in the current year. The winning author also receives a cash prize of $15,000 thanks to the generous support of the TD Financial Group. Each of four runners-up is awarded a cash prize of $1,500.

* Entry fee: $150
* Submit: 10 copies of each book with payment, author biography sketch, and author photograph 5 x 7 inches or larger.
No submissions until August 15, please.


1.  The major emphasis of each entry MUST be on humour, but literary merit is also important. Books of cartoons and graphic novels are eligible only if they contain a substantial amount of textual material.

2.  All entries must carry an ISBN.

3.  All entries must have been published in the current year (2015).

4.  The author or authors must be Canadian citizens or landed immigrants and living at the time of publication.

5.  The language of the entry must be English. In the case of a translation from another language, the translation must have been published in the current year (2015).

6.  The fee is $150 per entry. Payment, a biographical sketch of the author, and a photograph 5 x 7 inches or larger of the author must accompany each entry. Make cheques payable to the Stephen Leacock Associates. *We cannot return books entered.*

7.  The following are not eligible:
a.  Books of which significant or substantial parts have been previously published in book form.
b.  Collections of writings compiled by someone other than the original author.
c.   Books with more than two authors.
d.  “Virtual” or electronic books.

8.  The deadline for submissions is November 30 of the current year (2015), but earlier submissions are appreciated by the judges.

9.  Submitted books are distributed among the judges and/or added to collections of works of Canadian humour held for purposes of literary research in the Orillia Public Library and in libraries of the following universities: McGill, Toronto, McMaster and Alberta. They are, therefore, not returnable.

Ten copies of each book, together with the items listed under Rule 6 above, are to be submitted to:

Ms Judith Rapson
Chair, Award Committee
Stephen Leacock Associates
4223, Line 12 North,  RR 2
Coldwater, ON  L0K 1E0

Tel: 705-835-3218     Fax: 705-835-5171
E-mail: Judith Rapson


9 thoughts on “How to enter — 2016 award

  1. I am interested in submitting a book consisting of several essays based on life in a coastal community of Newfoundland from late 1800’s to mid 1900’s. Although many of the essays are tragic, several are quite humorous. Would such a book qualify for submission?

  2. Hi – I’m interested in entering the 2013 award competition but find the rules dates on this page somewhat unclear (see examples below from How to enter 2013 award, this page). My book will be published in the year 2013, is it eligible for the 2013 competition?
    Lawrence Uhlin

    3. All entries must have been published in the current year (2012).
    8. The deadline for submissions is November 30 of the current year (2012),

    • Entries are closed for 2013. The deadline was November 30, 2012.

      Entries for the 2014 medal are welcome as of this June 15. The Entry page will be updated will be updated for 2014 shortly.

  3. I notice that the 2014 entries include 16.25% self-published. Bravo to you all! Social critic Charles Dickens and others started out that way. I also notice that one entry is listed as CreateSpace. Is CreateSpace not self-published?

    • The person who compiles the entries has this to say: “There is no set rule on how the books are listed. If an author contacts me and wants his/her self-published book to have the name of the company which printed the book listed instead of ‘self-published,’ I comply.”

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